About us

One-Bau Bt. established in 1997 is a family company that has developed its know how and resources to run a small but professional business via its own efforts throughout the years. Our team is composed of reliable and educated staff. Both in operations and risk management we are dedicated to provide a safe labour and financial environment for our team. We consider our know how and 15-year experience a value that is worth to get introduced to a wider potential customer ecosphere. In many projects delivered to international companies, we applied and constantly controlled the quality standard regulations of the certain customer. We keep our knowledge updated about technology changes in painting materials and surface treatment methodologies. Due to the fact that a certain number of our projects needs a special environment for fulfillment (ie. train car and crane paintings), our operations is designed to be flexible. We are prepared for a professional fulfillment also on the premises of our partners and customers with regards to materials, machinery and personnel conditions. Our premise size is more suitable for surface treatment of machine tools, electric boxes, metal panels and general objects. For our partners we provide consultancy and purchasing services for painting materials. Special treatments like grit blasting, powder coating are carried out in cooperation with sub-contractors.